Aug 31, 2009

last day of winter

I'm at the beach and it's a REALLY hot day. it was a real luck out, cos my aunty and uncle have this place up there, so i took a few friends for a few days and we'd been hangin loose from the bigsmoke. anyway i was lying on a towel about 20-30m from the water, a bit to the left of the flags if you're facing the ocean.

my friends were sitting/lying around me. a few guys and a few girls. it was right before summer really started and the only opportunity to get this place for the ol' family rate. after Thursday, it was families i think until easterish or at least I'd never get it again.

i was feeling pretty cool, being the guy with the smart hookups and stuff and it'd been a good day. i guess just the regular beach shit, but anyway, it was getting to the mid-arvey maybe 3.30ish we were a bit burnt and hanging about. we'd had some nice lunch and there was a bit of coke in the bottom of my can. it was sort of warm when i drank it and i guess not very fizzy. i crunched the can in my hand and put it in my bag. the taste of warm coke in my mouth made me want to hop back in the ocean, so i got up stretching and popped back in the blue.

it was really nice swimming again. my hair had been hardening with the salt and after lunch and that first excited dive-in it was a more luxuriant absorption.

I swam around there for a while; mostly jumping in the waves and doing a bit of underwater swimming. Sometimes I'm an alright body surfer, but not today. All my friends were still on the beachrelaxing, someone had their head down, licking a cigarette paper and the sun glinted off another's sunglasses as they cocked their head and waved back at me.

I was twentyish metres out, it was still quite shallow, but there was a nice swell running. It was really good and there was this group of girls at around nine o'clock, me facing the shore. They were maybe four metres away. Pretty shabby estimates, but we're in the surf so it's kind of hard. Plus, didn't want to seem like I was staring.

They were pretty hot girls, one was the hottest. She was local I assume; tan with pretty long hair. Already blonde, it'd been sunbleached and was pretty hot. I guess your generic sort of beachy girl and one I never get to hook up with. Still, they were all just swimming about, not hectic surfers or anything and there were no dudes about them.

I spent a fair bit of time idly watching them while trying not to look like an idiot in the waves. I think I made a few eyes at one or two of 'em. I guess there weren't many people swimming and we were closeish.

I'd dropped back a little and the girls were all mucking about and stuff. This big series of waves was building up and I was thinking of going in and bodysurfing it. I was too close to the shore, though, and the waves were breaking right where we were.

That stage where you don't know whether to dive under or jump up is always a good one. I'm kind of bad at it, but I like getting dumped anyway. The girls were pretty good at judging, so that was another good reason to keep an eye open.

A little ahead of them now and directly in front, I try to jump, but am smashed back. Tumbling head o'er heels I feel body against body and sand against body and finally I come up. Spluttering and half underwater I open my eyes and get to see her boobs for just a second, before she ducks into the protection of the foam, pulling her bikini back up.

I feel a bit too awkward, having bumped them all over. They know I'm some idiot from the city. I slink back onto the shore and plonk down on my towel and after I get a bit drier I roll a ciggie and think about how I wish I could've seen her boobs for longer.

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