Apr 5, 2011

Is this cool, or stupid?

Just in case you've been away from the internet for the past 22 years, I started another stupid (awesome) blog, called http://grossfood-buckethats.tumblr.com so go and paste that into your explorer bar if you know how to do that and you know what's good and you're sure to be able to kill SOME time

This would suck....

Okay, so it was a Thursday morning and I walked out of my front gate at about 11.15AM to get the bus just round the corner at 11.19AM.

It was good that since the NAZIS took over Brisbane.... at least the bus ran on time.

I had to turn left out of my house, to get to the stop, at least, I used to have to. The new Nazi rulers were really irritating, so they made us always go right, which meant I had to walk round the block. Part of that was, I had to walk past the house of these two brothers I went to school with... who are now dead, even though they must've been at least 2nd generation, being Chinese they still got killed and now these retards from wherever, Germany or Logan or some shit live there, which SUCKS.

So i go to get the bus and when I'm at the bus stop, there're these full-on Nazi supporters there, also waiting to get the bus. They are kind of menacing, but like, the nazis only took over about a year ago, so it's still kind of retarded seeming when you see these people who used to just be all normal (i've lived in this suburb my whole life) suddenly get all crazy and in with the naazi thing.

ANYWAY we wait and then the bus pulls up, on time. I let some of them, the ones who got there before me, get on first and then i go to get on. I pull my Bus Card out of my pocket and go to zap it on the machine.... and it doesn't zap. I try again, but nothing happens... I look up at the driver, "what, man, I don't know what's happening, this worked perfectly yesterday."

I'm scared and I am also late for uni. The driver looks at me and I look at him and up the bus, where everyone is looking back at me... jesus, I am the idiot here.

The driver says, "get off the bus"

I say, "ah, can't you let me on, i'm late for uni and i'll just recharge later, i promise."

The driver says to me, "no"

"you are a dick" I mutter, as i petulantly turn to getoff the bus.

"HEY!!!!!!" this do-gooder sitting behind the driver screams, "I HEARD THAT!!!!"

THEy get UP and come and grab me by the back of my shirt and throw me right out of the bus onto the nature strip/footpath and graze my hands and hit my chin a bit.


I look back up at the guy, shocked and scared, but the doors have closed already and the bus drives off.................