Oct 20, 2009

monkey bizniz

I found these in my search for really upset girls

Really Upset Girls

Oct 13, 2009


Nuclear mushrooms are a bit old hat, however, a few weeks ago we got some heady dust storms up from SA and a few people were going on about how all the radiation from the nuclear tests there was drifting over us. I'm too lazy to be that comprehensive and everyone loves picture blogs, so here's some interestingish shit i dug up on Maralinga.

Fallout Pattern from the Maralinga Tests

Location of Aboriginal Settlements

Oct 12, 2009

Upstairs Just Before

- You look like my Granddad
- Do I?
- Yes
- Ever been fucked by your granddad?
- No
- Wanna?
- No
- Well okay, i'll take my boots off; but the hat stays.

Oct 3, 2009

Policeman missing nine days, search continues


October 02, 2009 03:26pm

THE search for missing north Queensland policeman Mick Isles will continue over the weekend and across a wider area.

Senior Sergeant Isles, 58, who is stationed at Ayr in north Queensland, was last seen leaving his home in an unmarked police car at 7.30am (AEST) on September 23.

That same car, a silver Toyota Aurion sedan, was found abandoned on Monday at a remote property near Ravenswood.

A number of items belonging to Snr Sgt Isles were found in the car and police forensic officers are examining them.