Jul 31, 2012

Life is weird,/ Because even though my desk/ is covered in tissues/ there is a clean tissue box on the floor/ i still wipe snot/ under the desk///

Jul 29, 2012

Freed Flora

at a party last night, in a reaction to the racism and inhospitality of the party hosts, i racked these two pot plants. I don't plan on returning them, but I have no idea what exactly they are or how to look after them. Don't let them die on me, instead help me to grow them in an environment free of prejudice and vilification based on skin-colour. If you know what these plants are and/or how to look after them, please lend me a hand. The fern, as you can tell by it's liberal-minded stance and open disposition, was already mine. It's the other two plants I need help with.

Jul 27, 2012

Apology to web browsers

Look, I really let this blog go down the shitter. I realise a bunch of funny and cool photos that I posted onto this blog have disappeared and frankly I can't remember where they came from or what they're of so you'll have to deal with imagining what they are/were and maybe even just suggesting a funny photo for me to replace the empty space with or just imagining your own funny photo. I really hope you continue to look at this website, I do think of it a lot and try to update it once a while.
Here are some photos I took of a closed-down florists and an interesting matchbox in an opshop yesterday.
Here are some pictures I took at a car show about a year ago at the Eagle Farm Raceway.