Sep 26, 2010


I've about exhausted this thing for now, but I really like it.

F.Book Warriors

exposed these social networking guerillas, hope they don't get put up against the wall

Sep 25, 2010

This person calls this Butter Chicken Bolognaise

Sep 22, 2010

It'll probably be a well curated selection of men's ephemerea, accompanied by a well-informed discussion of style and what constitutes this as well as

- I'm thinking of starting a blog, what do you think?

- Hmmm, I'm not sure, what'll it be on?

- Well, things I like, but with a focus on style, more than fashion. Because I think that fashion is really fleeting, but style is something that is lifelong and encompasses a lot more than just the clothes you wear.

- Yeah, that's an interesting point. It seems like it could be a good idea.

- Yeah, I think it will be.

- Oh cool, so so you have a name for it or whatever?

- Yes, I do, I have called it; The Age of The GOlden Experience

- That sounds interesting

- Yeah, I really wanted something that sort of is ambiguous, but conveys a certain mood or emotion. Because the theme itself will not be any one thing, rather, whatever comes to mind or would appeal to an audience.

- Cool

- Yeah, anyway, I'll see you soon.

- Okay, bye, have a good day.

- Yeah, you too
"hello Julie"
"Hi, John, how are you?"
"Yeah, I am okay. How are you? what's up with your life at the moment?"
"ah oh yeah, not much, just getting around with uni. you know the drill"
"haha, oh yeah, me too"

Sep 14, 2010

Faceo Booko Picso Part One-Oh

I'd like this to be more in the spirit of a folk-art-found-objects type thing, than an internet-trawling-life-magazine type thing, but here are some photos i've found on facebook. I don't think it's surprising that most of these photos are portraits and I don't there's much more to make of it, than that that's the nature of social networking (DER)

I have a friend, Sam, who's moved over to Ireland. He has this blog that he puts all these photos he takes up on; it's called OnIslands and on it he posted this photo, for all the workerwear fans

edit: click on the photo to see it in full size

Sep 2, 2010

Dead Photographer

The photographer, Corinne Day, died a few days ago. Anyway, I didn't immediately know her name, so after wikipedia-ing her and reading she did this topless photo shoot with a sixteen year old Kate Moss, I immediately searched Google for this shoot. Nothing THAT good came up, which I kind of expected. Here are some pictures of Corinne Day's and it turns out I knew who she was, I'm just shit-as with names.

Do Not Recommend 1

Today at university, I was starving. I went into the refectory and I got a piece of wholemeal bread and I put caesar dressing on it and some hot chilli sauce and I jammed it all into my mouth. Sauce went all over my hands and around my mouth; the bread was hard to eat and not very tastey. I tried to kid myself that it was borne out of some starving necessity, but I think I just wanted to seem cool and desperate. After I did this and tried to swallow it down, I went and bought some noodles in the container that you put the hot water over, which were pretty tastey, but jammed with MSG. The noodles satisfied me and they came with soup as well.

Ask Me Anything?

Ask Me Anything?

(just kidding, it's not tumblr)

Still On Stupid Militaria/Camo Trip

Here Are Some Pictures I stole from the internet. They're all from this Russian website where I was trying to find sailor's shirts (they were out of stock).

Boring Lego and 50 Cent Stop Motion

If you feel like being bored, then watch this video. Luckily, it's pretty short.