Mar 31, 2010

i love studying antropology!!!

Mar 29, 2010

look, i don't know how to surf or whatever. i'm not that interested. but this guy is laconic/chilled i love it

YO my OTHER blog

sickest shit over here i made this other blog for just other cool stuff. diff. demographic trying for (not succeeding?) i would say not succeeding on this front.

interesting tidbit

Just realised this song

is a cover of this song

not sure which one i like more, because i just got the fugs one. saw the primitive calcs live and it was good/ad libbed or whatever (at least seemed that way). whatever, anyway, a neato surprise for me

Mar 20, 2010

man, this hat!

kina stupid but jayz stinks anyway

piiimp arsenal killa

Mar 15, 2010

i've never worrrrn a hat in my life except by parental directive. never having found one that doesn't make me feel like some dewd from the beach or else a random or whatever. i really like this one, but i won't get it

Mar 9, 2010

Mar 2, 2010