Aug 17, 2009

cigs and a snack before bed

It's kind of late and Elise signs off from msn and turns on her office chair. she's facing the door now, of the office. her bedroom is out and to the right, just after the toilet. opposite the toilet is the bathroom; you would say, "go out and turn right and it's the first left." if you turn left, you get the loungeroom and the kitchen and all that crap, including the front of the house and balcony.

Elise is kind of hungry, I know she's old enough to do whatever she wants, but she still lives with her parents so she doesn't like to smoke in the house. Luckily, they're fast asleep. Firstly to her room to grab the smokes and then to the kitchen to get a snack.

Elise is thinking about what she'll eat, it's a pretty easy call. Even though it's right before bed, it's gonna be some cheese. there's a block of tasty cheddar in the door of the fridge and she cuts off a few slices. grabbing a handfull of jatz from a box while she's eating some of the thinner slices.

she's done all this in darkness and in the light of the fridge. she's lived here her whole life and once the fridge light was actually on the blink, but it didn't change much. of course, she wasn't smoking then, but she was eating cheese.

the front balcony is basically a sun-room. It had been a balcony that'd been made into a room, but during a big storm the roof was heavily damaged and the room got flooded. her parents ripped up the carpet and put in some large louvres, ceiling fan and rattan furniture. elise sits on a chaise-longe near an open panel of louvres and lights up. she has her plate of cheese and crackers on her knees and the smokes feels nice with bits of cheese between her teeth. she uses her tongue to dislodge them and tastes them again with another drag.

When she finishes the cigarette she stubs it out in the ashtray and hides it under some other butts. her parents smoke, but not the same brand as her. back in the kitchen, she dusts the crumbs off the plate and puts it in the sink. Some are stuck to her finger and she licks them off.

Elise does the usual things, she brushes her teeth and in the mirror of the bathroom, runs her fingers through her hair. she thinks about the day tomorrow. she reads for a bit, but can't really concentrate. she's pretty tired and so she turns the light off and goes to sleep.