Apr 30, 2010


main birdo of qld just layin loose stalking fish by the river. watch out for croccies lil fella

Apr 27, 2010


stole these piccies from NugLife such a good blog. here dey are

Apr 20, 2010

been sussing out more bags, this one in auscam for $45, but this other gang make em in khaki for 99. finding a really nice backpack has been so hard for my broke ass

Apr 14, 2010

A memorial in the cornfield where buddy holly et al. died. The eeriest part for me, is how ramshackle it is, in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, the picture is huge, so click on it to see the whole thing properly.

sussed out this other picture of one of the satanists doing his part for australia's feral animal problem and also sourcing out a few sacrfices.

Apr 13, 2010

Grave Destroying Satanists

I read this news story and decided to suss out just who these sickos are. After a quick facebook search, I've found the most debased people this side of the great dividing range.

Benjamin Garland

Zoe Louise Wilson

Shane Bell

Michael Smallbone

i reckon meryl streep is just a really nice wholesome kind of chick, but also wild or something. i'm a shitbox writer, i'm not sure there's even anything to bother saying, except i guess woody allen knows how to deck her out/really appreciate her (hotness)

Apr 11, 2010

next up on the clothes posting stakes is this guy. i can't remember what fashion designer it was who designed these clothes, but i really like his trousers and the birkenstocky sandals/slippers. i tried wearing some thongs and my feet kept slipping off i mean to say, i have a rough and tumble lifestyle and i'm just not sure a shoe like that, which can just fly off, is really my thing. although, it might help me to tone things down a bit and make a few (less) drastic choices.
i keep finding all these really good russian blogs or "livejournals" on the website, called, Livejournal. I can't 'follow" or "whatever' but anyway. They have this really good one with all these fashion designer clothes. now look, i know taste is subjective and you, my readers, are sick of this kind of stuff or whatever if you read a lot of blogs so i just want to reassure you that it's a few things that i personally find i like for me. this isn't a continuous lean of my stylisms imposed up on all of you so anyway here it all is with a bit of personal commentary from yours truly.

Okay, these next up are a few bags from this guy called walter van beirendonck. i really like his bags, because i've been on a search for a long time for a bacpack. i haven't found one yet and i notice he very trickally uses a big W (his name is Walter) on the back of the bag.

the bag also comes in a really nice shade of red which is my personal prediction for nice bag colours i'd like to pick up

Apr 7, 2010