Dec 2, 2010


De Beginning of Summer is a good time to consider the options for the months ahead. The past few days' rain is v/ good for sitting in your house and thinking or going outside and having to wear waterproof-ish shoes and shorts. I thought to myself, "Why don't you try and show some of the people on the internet what you think about?" I then thought to myself, "That sounds like you want to start a tumblr blog, ostensibly a '' VISUAL DIARY ''" Then i thought, "Jesus Christ, shit, what if you are..?????" Then I thought of the blogerinos which I like and that post a lot of image-heavy content and I thought, "okay brus, just go ahead and do what you want, isn't that the whole point of the internet".

SO, widout further adeu - SUMMER SERIES BY THEO LANDON.

PS Other reasons include I got uni marks/passed everything so things are looking on the upNup.

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