Apr 11, 2010

i keep finding all these really good russian blogs or "livejournals" on the website, called, Livejournal. I can't 'follow" or "whatever' but anyway. They have this really good one with all these fashion designer clothes. now look, i know taste is subjective and you, my readers, are sick of this kind of stuff or whatever if you read a lot of blogs so i just want to reassure you that it's a few things that i personally find i like for me. this isn't a continuous lean of my stylisms imposed up on all of you so anyway here it all is with a bit of personal commentary from yours truly.

Okay, these next up are a few bags from this guy called walter van beirendonck. i really like his bags, because i've been on a search for a long time for a bacpack. i haven't found one yet and i notice he very trickally uses a big W (his name is Walter) on the back of the bag.

the bag also comes in a really nice shade of red which is my personal prediction for nice bag colours i'd like to pick up

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