Oct 13, 2009


Nuclear mushrooms are a bit old hat, however, a few weeks ago we got some heady dust storms up from SA and a few people were going on about how all the radiation from the nuclear tests there was drifting over us. I'm too lazy to be that comprehensive and everyone loves picture blogs, so here's some interestingish shit i dug up on Maralinga.

Fallout Pattern from the Maralinga Tests

Location of Aboriginal Settlements


  1. Hey theo, I'm making a video which partly focuses on Maralinga. Just wondering where you got your photos from. These are some great images. Also the map of the fallout.
    Cheers Suzy

  2. Hi, I just google searched Maralinga in both regular and image search. I also snapped a few images from wikipedia. I think I also searched for a few variations ie. 'maralinga nuclear tests' 'maralinga people' etc etc etc