Jul 9, 2009

Brisbane Badges

(click to enlarge)

I a bagful of badges at a garage sale round the corner on the weekend. There're heaps of doubles, I don't even like wearing badges at all, I feel like a dick. Still, I always like them to look at. It's obvious the person collected them all around the same period of time. I guess mid-late 80s. I wasn't around then, I don't know if it's some representation of Brizzy etc, but I'd like to think it is.

1 comment:

  1. i like the 'bankcard' badge. like they actually needed to print badges to get people to use bankcards. if only they could have seen into the future they wouldn't have worried...

    i'm sorry rugged prince/shag man (as i am now calling you, on account of your shaggy mane, not because of your studly nature with the ladies) dont really dig the army disposal hat, but you gotta keep that shag under control somehow.