Jun 23, 2009

pizza life

Theo's Holiday Special

pepperoni, bacon, pineapple, chilli, cheese/tomato base (no derr)

i think in this, the most important aspect is how the flavours behave around one another and how this is an analogy for the euphoria of finishing uni for the semester and the promise of a month's holiday.

when one bites into a slice of this delicious pizza, the first thing you hope you get is a nice lil combo of pineapple, chilli and bacon. you wanna hit that shit, lil bit of piney juice coming out. many people try to get up in arms about orthodoxy in food, especially things like pizza. at the shop, i always get these jerks. the point is, pineapple is a classic ingredient. pizza's a fucken fast food, noone cares.

anyway, pizza as an allegory for holidays.

the pineapple represents a hopeful and warm time. it's quite summery in the face of winter and even when put through a 200 degree oven retains a juicy friendliness

the bacon represents our current times; that is, swineflu

the chilli's spiciness is the promise of an adventerous holiday

the pepperoni is just cos i love pepperoni, maybe it's the placement of t. landon IN the holidays.

the base/cheese/tomato don't count, they're on every pizza.

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  1. There is great snobbery surrounding pineapples and pizza, it seems to be a very Aussie thing to do. So great mate, open a beer, I'll be round to your house to try your holiday special. (Because I'm back in Brisbane now)